Saturday, February 23, 2013

Turtle, the Incredible Journey.

look into the eyes!

As a no-good do-nothing sloth, I have spent many hours watching movies on Netflix. Over the course of my research I accidentally happened across Turtle: the Incredible Journey.

Turtle: the Incredible Journey is a film that contains all the thrill of Jaws, all the fantastic imagery of Life of Pi, the educational value of wiring a David Attenborough box set directly into your cerebral cortex, the tense action of The Perfect Storm, and a subtle but pleasantly noticeable form of high-brow comedy. If you have Netflix, I highly suggest you watch it.

I will go into more detail later in this article, but first, here's writer and filmmaker Douglas Ferguson to explain the intricate workings of the masterpiece that is Turtle: the Incredible Journey.

As you may have gathered, while regular, boring, movies may contain varying percentages of action, adventure, romance, comedy, tragedy, fantasy, and what have you; Turtle, the Incredible Journey has it all.

Here is a pie chart comparison of a recent popular films pathetic content versus the iconic masterwork that is Turtle:

Pales in comparison.
Words cannot speak highly enough of this film.

As you can see, Turtle: the Incredible Journey is so incredible that it somehow manages to break the very laws of mathematics.

Turtle: the Incredible Journey is a film for everyone. The young can enjoy following the turtle in her epic journey, the old can enjoy Miranda Richardson's comforting British accent soothing away the pains of their lonely existence, hipsters can enjoy the film ironically, and scholars can appreciate Turtle for its fine educational quality. Even my own mother, who walked out of Fantastic Mr. Fox within the 1st 5 minutes because it, "was offensive" could not help but enjoy Turtle: the Incredible Journey.

I hope you have been convinced of this films magnificence and will be giving it a watch shortly.

Until next time, I bid thee well, my sweet puddings!

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