Monday, February 4, 2013

Start the New Year Off Right

This post marks day one of my Do Nothing challenge. I will attempt to do absolutely nothing of use or purpose to anybody for 30 straight days. This blog will chronicle my successes and failures, as well as act as a posting ground for my thoughts and experiences on this journey.

I came up with the idea for the challenge one night while I was sitting in my bathtub watching endless movies on Netflix to pass the time. It occurred to me that so many people were trying to be successful and active in life, meeting roadblock after roadblock in the struggle. Why bemoan the fact that you've done nothing all day but click around Youtube and eat Pizza Pops, friendless and depressed? Why not celebrate it?
(Credit: Boojamon on DeviantArt)

I propose to you, a joint venture to do nothing for 30 days. If you are the sort of person that adventures quite a bit, enjoys working hard at creative projects, or likes to host community dinners that go on long into the night, this challenge is not for you. I mean you no disrespect, but you are simply not at all cut out for the work.

However, if you continually find yourself home alone eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches simply to quell the boredom of existence, welcome aboard! Feel free to keep me updated in the comments section below. I'd love to hear what you've not been doing in the day!

As our first non-exercise we're going to grab some snacks, sit back, and watch this short video of people who are much more alive than we will ever be dancing their hearts out. Isn't it inspiring? Almost feels like you're dancing with them, doesn't it? Aw yesss.

Mo-mo-mo-momomomomomo, mo-mo-mo, momomomomo! 
Aw yeah! Might even be smiling faintly at the screen here. This is the best!

Until next time, when I will be trying to ill-advisedly convince you to nickname me Kermit.

-Teina Smith

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