Monday, February 11, 2013


Boats. Why? 

Obviously someone with a lot of money somewhere decided the question worked a lot better as,

My Ady Gil
Congratulations on your new space ship. That will be fifty million dollars please.
Boats, why not?

Today I spent the day in a hunger and thirst induced delusion of polished white fiberglass, chrome rails, and teak decking, also known as the Vancouver International Boat Show. The show covered BC Place and a section of Granville island, so there were no shortage of identical looking cruisers to tour and remind a person they would be laughably poor forever. Also, a soda at BC Place is $4.50. Don't bother asking what the prices are for items that aren't comprised solely of water and sugar.

My dad is a boating enthusiast, so I followed him around all day listening to him hypothesize that he could buy this and that sailboat if only he sold his house and used all of his remaining savings. I also passed a startlingly high amount of people who looked like they were poster models for golf and country clubs.

We couldn't decide which cruiser to we liked more, so we bought both of them!

Was the day a success?

I'm not sure if going to the boat show really constituted as doing nothing useful, but it sure felt like it. 6 days down, 24 whole more days of nothing to go.

With warmest regards,

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