Friday, February 15, 2013

Naps Make Me Tired So I Nap

I've been so busy doing nothing lately, that I haven't had time to update the blog.
Between sleeping through almost every day, going out with the family, and watching Netflix in the spare time, I've just not had the energy to get things done around here.... I trust that your efforts are going just as well!

As an update, here's what I've been doing since the 11th:
  • Day 8: Fatigued by lack of sleep, took forever to buy pet supplies. Then ate dinner with the folks. Passed out at home afterward.
  • Day 9: Held a private bed-in. You know, for peace and all that.
  • Day 10: Bed-in day two. Treated to fancy Valentines soup by a husband who does not know how to efficiently cut carrots, but surprisingly manages to consistently create restaurant quality dinners. Slept a lot. Also flopped around in bed like a pathetic lard, whining about anemia and such.
Today I capped the week off with a good strong nap. This 30 days of doing nothing is going fantastically well. Any more successful an attempt from me and I may not be able to get myself out of bed at all!

Life just doesn't stop getting better.
 I imagine that by the end of this - the way things are progressing, that I'll be lying in a nest of dirty clothes in the middle of the living room floor, eating cold peas out of a can with my bare hands, and sporting a full, fashionable, beard.

Until that fateful day, I bid thee well!

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