Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Final Verdict: Success or Failure?

I'm pretty sure today's, "Cat and Girl" mocks me.

Well, I didn't succeed in even writing half the months' posts. I suppose that's a triumph of doing nothing... or something....

As it turns out, that doing nothing for 30 days was a ridiculous amount of time to be doing nothing for, especially when one has responsibilities, family, a husband, and growing bed sores to pay attention to. After a measly week I actually started doing things (things other than writing this blog, apparently). And once I got the ball rolling, it was hard to stop.

I cleaned the house. I took things to the thrift. I found drapery cord to replace the drapes that had been broken for likely over 6 months. Took the car for repairs, cooked a giant chili, started a script, drew a picture of a football player pole dancing, and actually washed the dishes. I was in over my head.

After all that shame I couldn't bear to look at this blog.

But, that's all going to change, because I'm here to announce that I'm launching my, "30 days of doing all the things while eating vegetables everyday challenge"!

No. Haha. Just... no.

I'd like to thank any of you who stuck around, read this out of boredom one night, or accidentally clicked this on Facebook when their hand slipped in an attempt to enlarge a picture of a funny cat. This whole thing started out partly because due to life circumstances doing nothing was about the only thing I could succeed at, and partly because I wanted to poke fun at people who spend all their free time on the internet (me). I got a little derailed along the way, but it was still a good experience. I know it sounds disingenuous as I've spend the last 15 days abandoning post, but I'm really grateful that you bothered to read this at all.

I mean, you guys must be bored out of your minds to spend all that time re-


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