Monday, February 11, 2013

Cat Video Roundup

Today found me meeting up to talk scripts for an upcoming film project, and spending my whole evening writing these crazy things (I've been behind a day, have you noticed?). I would almost say I did something, but the script meeting was entirely without progress, and these blogs... well, you know they're all just me saying, "I did nothing today" as creatively as I can manage.

Anyway, on to something a little more useless!

It's a known fact you can't have a good run of doing nothing without cat videos. If you've been following the 30 day challenge and have been finding yourself accidentally doing things today, take a break and get back on track with the fine internet gems below:

Now that you're focused, go read some Nedroid for a few hours and acquaint yourself with the absolute joy that is Space Tree. You'll be back to doing nothing effortlessly in no time!

Yours faithfully,
-Teina Smith

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