Sunday, February 17, 2013

So It Continues

By now some of you may be horrified by the sheer amount of napping, cat video review, and Nutella consumption that I participate in. I know I have been. As it turns out, 30 days is an awful long and tedious amount of time to be doing nothing. So I may have slipped up here or there, dredged my sunken body out of a tangled sea of blankets, and gone to the grocery store or washed some dishes. I may have seen a parade, cooked some food, and done the laundry. I MAY have even gone for a walk and then spent a few hours writing notes for a film script.

It may or may not currently look like this.
But that's all hearsay and crazy talk! Anyone who dares besmirch my honour by accusing me of such treasonous acts is a blaggard and a gibbering buffoon! Why, I have been arranging fake doll furniture in online mockups for hours on end, reading up on the exciting topic of sugar substitutions in baking, and napping quite dutifully, thank you.

Arguably some might see the Temple of IHOP as VERY worthwhile and meaningful.
Well, it's just been suggested to me that I get some sleep, and we all know how much I need more hours of sleep. Goodnight fair (and not so fair) readers!

May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back.
May the Pinterest be ever flowing,
And your high speed never fail.


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