Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Nicknames Will Make Me Awesome

Home sick from work today. So far my quest to do nothing has been a success! I've slept in to the glorious hour of 2pm, lazed in bed a while considering why my dreams all seem to be telling me that I'm passively missing something important in life, eaten a large and glorious brunch (which, thanks to the wonders of marriage, I did not have to lift a finger to cook), and spent the evening glutting myself on the endless resources of Failblog with a vacant stare and emotionless face.

I do say that if adequate sleep improves lifespan, big lunches can aid weight loss, and lack of facial movement can delay laugh lines, I will be in fine form in life if I can keep this up!

Still, something seems missing from the perfection of my life. What is it? Perhaps some gravy fries, or a tub with air jets? My dreams, though unintelligible, haunt me. In them I am meeting artists, having parties, and listening to live basement Jazz. In the endless forests my eyes meet those of the guardian lion; wise, understanding, and ageless. In his gaze I know all truth... and understand that all truth lives inside me. Our souls are one and the same!

Like I said, none of it makes any sense.

For all of you joining in my 30 day challenge, here's a little something to inspire you and lift your spirits through this journey. I chose to sing along to the heartwarming tune of, "row row row your boat", but you may choose to blaze your own destiny on this one.

Ballad of Routine - Dorothy Gambrell

Oh, and about calling me Kermit. I'm not so sure that will actually be a good idea as I don't flail my arms around excitedly nearly as much as I used to these days. Perhaps you could call me Ziffy Spacedawg? Moonstrider? Shadow Hawk? DESTRUCTOTRON, DEVOURER OF GALAXIES?

I'll think about this a bit and get back to you. If you'd like, I'd be much interested in hearing your name ideas in the comments below.

Yours truly,
-Teina Smith

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